Juan de la Cruz 

Doctor of Law. Jean Monnet Professor of European Law and Administrative Law at the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Director of the European Center for Economic Regulation and Competition. Deputy chairman of Global Strategies Consulting Group. He has been Chairman of the CODESPA Foundation and remains a member of its Board of trustees.

He has attended additional education and research placements at Olohne College (California) and Notre Dame (Indiana), Aix-Marseille and Harvard Universities.
A regular lecturer at Seminars and Workshops in the field of Economic Public Law both in Spain and abroad. Visiting Professor at the Universities of París-Sceaux, Aix-Marsella, Católica Portuguesa, Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Tucumán and the Argentinian Chamber of Commerce, Fundación de Estudios de Derecho Administrativo and Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración, Venezuela and, Católica and Los Andes, Chile.

Author and Coordinator of books and papers on Law and Economics. His books “Principios de Regulación Económica en la Unión Europea” and “La Liberalización de los Servicios Públicos y el Sector Eléctrico” are regularly referenced in the academic community.

Corresponding Academician to the Real Academia de Jurisprudencia y Legislación, Arbitrator for the Corte de Arbitraje de Madrid as well as for the Corte de Arbitraje del Colegio de Abogados de Madrid, member of the International Bar Association, American Economic Association, Club Español de la Energía and of Foro de la Regulación.

He has been practicing law since 1983. His fields of specialization are:  Constitutional and Administrative Law, European Union law, Regulation and Competition Law, Procurement and infrastructures, Arbitration and Litigation.

Languages: Spanish, English and French.  [email protected]
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