The Firm

History, independence, prestige

López Rodó & Cruz Ferrer is a renowned firm in the field of Administrative Law, Regulation and Competition, Civil Law and Business Law; established by Laureano López Rodó (1920-2000), a Professor of Administrative Law who would play a relevant role in the Reform of Public Administration and Social and economic development Plans, promoting Spain’s current constitutional configuration as a Social and Democratic State governed by the Rule of Law and it’s integration in Europe.

With the arrival to the firm of Juan de la Cruz Ferrer, they have built a professional team of lawyers, promoting new partners and with the collaboration of University professors and specialized consultants.
The Firm’s track of specially commissioned cases, results achieved, client satisfaction and peer assessments distinguish LR&CF for its professional independence; and, international consultants in the field of legal services include it amongst Spain’s top law firms.




Specialization and experience

Specialization and experience distinguish LR&CF’s professional practice. For our team of lawyers, University teaching, research and publishing of scientific studies are priority activities, since they enable them to achieve the level of specialization required in those sectors undergoing significant transformations. Our partners in charge of the main areas have more than twenty years of professional practice.

We serve our clients by finding the most efficient way of making their projects feasible or resolving a particular problem. We analyze in detail the circumstances of each case in order to present any and all available options to the client so that the client can make an informed decision.

Based on several assessments, “the service provided by the firm is nothing other than excellent, thanks to the simplicity of the treatment and full involvement of the whole team”…, “deep knowledge of law, absolute involvement in a case and ability to empathize with the customer”…, “capacity to explain to clients the complex legal issues that affect them”…

The Panther as image of a
professional vision

It’s no King of the African wilderness, nor Lord of the Bengal jungles.

It is a panther. Discrete. Perhaps, invisible.

Yet it was chosen by Rudyard Kipling as a symbol for those who can guide and protect, along their own way, those in need of orientation.

Finding ways to advance, avoiding the dangers lurking ahead, to bring to his/her destination the person entrusted to them.  Fighting fiercely only when in dire need, even against the lord of the jungle… because it’s not shine and distinction that matter, but effectiveness in the way of progress and reaching the end of the path.

“…If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same…”