Relevant Cases


Governmental liabilities for damages: CEUSA II

Once damages were proven and assessed, as established by the Constitutional Court Judgment, the National High Court and Supreme Court Cambers were required to produce new judgments sentencing the Government to pay the corresponding compensations for damages caused both by the downfall of the company and for the loss of jobs.

The assessment of the different damages items caused by administrative action were subjected to discussion by the Public Administration itself; in turn requiring to request new Court resolutions, an even resulting in the preparation of several Appeals for Reversal. Lastly, the Supreme Court established the amount of compensation and the Government was forced to make the corresponding payments.

The owners of the Company received their compensation and the Teachers received the full amount of all compensations owed to them; in all cases, with their corresponding interests or the updating of their value in order to offset the monetary impairment for the time passed, for each case.