Alfonso Llorente 

Law Graduate by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Masters in Urban Planning and Land Policy, Urban Management concentration, by the Carlos III University.  

As an advocate of the rights of public bodies, businesses, associations and individuals, he has specialized in Administrative and Dispute Law; Urban Planning and Eminent Domain; Industry Regulation and Competition Law. He has worked at the Competition Law department of the firm Orrick Rambaud Martel, in Paris. 

He has authored different research papers on Regulation and Competition Law in the fields of Air transportation, Maritime transportation, Postal services, Tourism industry, etc. Among others: “Regulatory adjustments in favor of competition in Air Transport”, part of the collective works “Regulatory Techniques for Competition: A horizontal view of regulated industries”, published by Iustel. 

In the associative sector, he develops the Nautical Tourism Area of the Royal Spanish Navy League. He is a collaborator at the European center for Economic Regulation and Competition (CERECOM) and at the Competition Policy Center of the Instituto de Estudios Europeos, Universidad CEU San Pablo. 

Languages: Spanish, English and French. 
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