Manuel Balado 

Doctor of Law by Universidad de Valladolid (1987) and Doctor of European Law by the d’Aix-Marseille III University, France (1995). Member of the Military Judiciary Corps (Auditor Lieutenant-Colonel in the reserve). Professor of Administrative Law and Director of the UNESCO Chair in Political Science and Comparative Administrative Study since 2003. 

Chairman of the International Institute of Political Science, a UN special consulting body. He is also Chairman of the Seminario Permanente España-Japón de Estudios Políticos y Económicos (Aichi – Nagoya University, Japan). 

He was Special Professor of Administrative Law to HRH the Prince of Asturias at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Class of 1991-92). 

Author and director of several books and papers on Constitutional and Administrative Law. 

His fields of specialization are: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Economic Regulation, Political Science and Renewable Energy. 

Distinguished with several Merits both in Spain and abroad, including, two Crosses of San Raimundo de Peñafort and France’s Gold Medal of the National Defense.   

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de Velasco
Fernández de Soto