Redondo Faya

Fernando is a Law and Business Administration Graduate by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. A specialist in European and Spanish Competition Law by the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB) and Masters in Regulated Industries – Banking and Financial Regulation concentration – by Universidad Carlos III, Madrid.

He extended his education in Corporate Finance at the College of Business of Soongsil University, South Corea. Also, during his stay in this Asian country, he completed his education taking courses on Foreign Direct Investment in Korean environment, at the Graduate School of International Business of the prestigious Yonsei University.

In the defense and the presentation of the interest of public bodies, businesses, associations and individuals, he has a specialized in Administrative law and Administrative Disputes; Industrial Regulation and Competition Law; Penalties and Public Function; as well entrepreneurship Law.

He cooperates with startups and entrepreneurs providing advice for seed projects in the financial and legal fields. He publishes in a specialized industry magazines and is a collaborator for the Centro Europeo de Regulación y Competencia (CERECOM).

Languages: Spanish and English.
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